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UAV215 More From the Big Drone Show

Interviews from the 2017 Big Drone Show in Toronto, Canada with Tablet-EX-Gear, Gyrfalcon Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Global UAV Technologies, High Eye Aerial Imaging, and UAV Tower Innovations.

The Big Drone Show

The Big Drone Show

The Big Drone Show was held September 27-28, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and David recorded interviews with a number of exhibitors:

Brian Saunders, president of Tablet-EX-Gear, maker of tablet computer chest packs for forestry and other applications and now chest packs for drone pilots.

From the Big Drone Show: The Tablet-EX-Gear chest packs for drone pilots.

The Tablet-EX-Gear chest packs for drone pilots.

Alex Reed, from Gyrfalcon Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Inc. on the Flyability Elios collision-tolerant drone for confined and unsafe spaces.

From the Big Drone Show: the Flyability Elios collision-tolerant drone.

The Flyability Elios collision-tolerant drone, courtesy Flyability.

Jason Springett, director of Global UAV Technologies on the Procyon 800 commercial drone helicopter from NOVAerial Robotics. It includes a magnetometer sensor for applications like mine detection.

From the Big Drone Show: Procyon 800 commercial drone helicopter from NOVAerial Robotics.

Procyon 800 commercial drone helicopter from NOVAerial Robotics.

Johnathan Smeh from High Eye Aerial Imaging, a UAV service provider offering aerial video services via several different platforms. They focus on volumetrics, such as aggregate product inventories, without disrupting site operations. A subsidiary of Global UAV Technologies.

From the Big Drone Show: High Eye Aerial Imaging

High Eye Aerial Imaging

Ron Harper from UAV Tower Innovations, Inc. an aerial inspection service for towers, mining, construction, agriculture, and property imaging. They perform tower inspections using UAVs and equipment to capture high definition images and video with real-time viewing on the ground for monitoring.

Interviews at the Big Drone Show with The Sky Guys, Defiant Labs, and the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre can be found in Episode 212, and with DJI in Episode 213.

Video of the Week

Flyability presentation – Elios, the collision-tolerant drone for industrial inspection.

UAV080 UAV Tracking and Avoidance

LATAS (Low Altitude Tracking and Avoidance System)

A new tracking and avoidance system, drones that assist firefighters, a Phantom firmware rollback, drone waiters that bring your meal, a personal No Fly Zone, shooting down those pesky drones, Qualcomm buys KMel Robotics, and California seeks to regulate drones below 400 feet.


PrecisionHawk Announces UAV Tracking and Avoidance System

PrecisionHawk released an automated traffic control system for UAVs said to aid with the integration of UAVs into the National Airspace (NAS). The “Low Altitude Tracking and Avoidance System” (LATAS) uses global cellular networks on speeds as low as 2G. to provide real-time flight planning, tracking and avoidance for UAVs.

LATAS is small (3x2x1in) and light and was developed to be plug and play or integrated into a UAV’s circuit during manufacturing.

Micro-flyer drone could help a robot to fight fires on ships

Last November, the US Office of Naval Research conducted a demonstration of its Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SAFFiR) along with an autonomous quadcopter drone. The robot/drone combination is intended to assist firefighters aboard naval vessels. This is under the Office of Naval Research’s Damage Control Technologies for the 21st Century (DC-21) project. The quadcopter comes from Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute and Sensible Machines.

This Spherical Rescue Drone Is Straight Out of Star Wars

Flyability has introduced what it calls “the world’s first collision-proof drone.” The “Gimball” search and rescue drone is spherical and bounces off obstacles to keep flying. It has a coaxial twin rotor design inside a rotating protective carbon fiber frame. In Crash-proof UAV takes out US$1 million Drones For Good Competition we learn that the Flyability Gimball took first place in the Drones For Good contest.

Unexpected issues force drone maker DJI to roll back ‘White House’ update

DJI has rolled back the geofencing firmware update for the Phantom — also known as the “White House patch” — because there have been reports of “unanticipated flight behavior.”

Drone waiters to serve patrons in Singapore restaurants

Infinium Robotics specializes “in providing autonomous UAV solutions for commercial applications.” That includes food delivery by drone in some Singapore restaurants. The rotors are completely enclosed to avoid injury and the UAVs utilize sense and avoid technology.

Singapore currently has a shortage of workers in the food industry so this is covering a real need.

NoFlyZone Lets You Establish A No-Fly Zone Over Your Property

NoFlyZone creates a GeoFence around your home after you register your property. Currently,  the service works with UAS manufacturers DroneDeploy, YUNEEC, HEXO+, PixiePath, RCFlyMaps. EHANG, and Horizon Hobby.

Oklahoma bill would allow property owners to shoot down drones without civil liability

The Oklahoma State Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 492, giving property owners the right to shoot down drones without fear of civil liability. Backers say that drones are increasingly being used by cattle thieves. This bill would protect property owners should they be sued by thieves over a shot down drone.

Qualcomm Buys Aerial Drone Startup with Advanced Control Technology

Chipmaker Qualcomm has acquired startup KMel Robotics, which specializes in multi-rotor drones. Qualcomm isn’t providing any details other than to point to the KMel Robotics website: “We are extremely excited to become part of the Qualcomm team and look forward to bringing aerial robotics to the next level together.”

KMel Robotics has produced videos demonstrating impressive flight coordination:

California’s No Drone Zones

California bill SB142 bans trespassing by drones flying below 400 feet.


UOIT Controls The Weather At Its Drone Testing Centre

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology has launched the ACE Centre for UAV Research.

Want to fly your drone and make a quick buck? The FAA has 33 rules for you.