The UAV Digest is a weekly audio program devoted to unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. Each week we discuss the latest industry developments and trends for both commercial and recreational uses of drones:

  • Regulatory developments
  • Research and development activity
  • Drone technology advancements
  • Emerging applications for unmanned aircraft
  • Integration into the manned airspace

We examine the expanding applications for UAS, including: precision agriculture, photography and videography, structure inspection, search and rescue, first response, law enforcement, package delivery, mapping and surveying, oil and gas, and many others.

The UAV Digest is targeted to an international audience of:

  • Commercial drone operators
  • Entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry
  • Serious UAV enthusiasts
  • Educators and students
  • Aircraft, component, and software suppliers
  • Manned aircraft pilots
  • Builders and hobbyists
  • Other stakeholders in this growing industry

The UAV Digest podcast made its debut in 2013, and was created by David Vanderhoof and Max Flight from the popular and highly regarded Airplane Geeks podcast. Subscribe in iTunes, Google Play, or through your favorite iOS or Android podcast app.


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