UAV043 Good Uses and Bad Uses for Drones

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The movie industry petitions FAA for UAS exemption, UAS impact on traditional helicopter businesses, commercial UAVs in Canada, drug smuggling with drones, celebrities from history and drones, the video of the week, and listener feedback.

The News

FAA May Exempt Film Industry from UAV Rules

The FAA is considering granting seven professional aerial cinematography companies an exemption that would allow them to create video with UAVs. This comes from a petition by the Motion Picture Association of America on behalf of the companies.

In their press release, the FAA says, To receive the exemptions, the firms must show that their UAS operations will not adversely affect safety, or provide at least an equal level of safety to the rules from which they seek the exemption. They would also need to show why granting the exemption would be in the public interest.”

To get a good understanding of what the FAA requires and the degree of detail provided, look at the exemption petitions filed with the FAA:

Could Drone Use Cut Into the Helicopter Filming Business?

If (or when) commercial aerial video operations from sUAS takes place, what will be the impact on traditional helicopter companies?

Drones go commercial, take on tasks from industry to farming

There is a boom for unmanned aerial vehicles, and Canada has a “drone-friendly” environment. Military exports are not as restrictive, nor are regulatory requirements, and Canada is well-positioned for agricultural applications.

Cartels Are Reportedly Building DIY Drones to Fly Drugs Over the Border

Mexican drug cartels are reportedly building drones to carry illegal drugs into the U.S. Drone lawyer John L. Davidson writes in the blog “Law of Drones, UASs, UAVs, and sUASs” that “Before long, ambitious cartel members will begin to fly unmanned drone aircraft from Mexico into the US, packed with high value narcotics.”

Marilyn Monroe’s World War II Drone Program

Eighteen year old Norma Jean worked during World War Two in a factory making remote-controlled pilotless target drones. A Captain ordered a photographer to take some pictures of women in war production. One photo shows a beaming Norma Jean holding a Radioplane propeller. The teenager later changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. The Captain was Ronald Reagan.

Video of the Week

CokeDrones by Coca-Cola Singapore & Singapore Kindness Movement – Coca-Cola brings multicopters into an advertising program. From Kevin.


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