UAV032 Taking Autism to the Sky

Connor with Hex

Paul Braun and Dan Frye tell us about Taking Autism to the Sky (TATTS) where children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) build and fly a small UAS. This program helps the children build confidence, gives them world perspectives, and develops interest and ability in skill sets that may help them eventually find and hold productive jobs. With April being Autism Awareness month, this is a timely conversation.

Paul and Dan work for Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc., who create authoritative geospatial data solutions.

The News:

Students using drones to learn high tech jobs (STEM)

Using UAS software from Analytical Graphics Inc., students at Ohio’s Greenon High School are preparing for modeling and simulation career opportunities. The STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is designed to expose students to today’s in-demand skills.


Above – Connor with the Hex. Below – Kids watching flight simulator, and kids observing first aerial footage.

Kids watching flight simulator

Kids observing first aerial footage

2 thoughts on “UAV032 Taking Autism to the Sky

  1. Christopher Leatherman


    Another great episode. It is great to see another application for sUAVs besides scientific and environmental research. Give the children the right tools they can learn to use and it will build their confidence making them happy and productive citizens. Are Paul and Dan interested in franchising this program?

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