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UAV142 Drone Dealer Expo 2016 – Part 1

Observations from the Drone Dealer Expo, hydrogen fueled drones, a drone rescue patent, and proposed federal preemption of UAS laws.


Mike DanielsMike Daniels says he has been designing, building and flying model aircraft since the 1970s. He’s flown free flight, control line, and RC airplanes, helicopters, and multi-rotors. Mike built an F550 with parts he designed and printed, and he’s currently flying a Yuneec Typhoon Q500 and an Ares Ethos Q130. His new Typhoon H should arrive at any moment.

Mike holds an FAA pilot’s certificate to fly single engine land and sea planes, and an FAA repairman certificate for Light Sport Airplanes with a Maintenance Rating.

Mike shares his experiences by blogging at blog.mikeflys.com, and he’s created an online e-paper called  “The UAV Daily.” He’s also starting a drone store at www.mikeflys.com where he’ll only sell products he knows and likes. Follow Mike on Twitter as @Mike_Flys.

Drone Dealer Expo 2016

Mike gives us his observations from the Drone Dealer Expo he attended April 11-13, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Mike characterizes the attendees and describes some of the event themes.

A drone racing expo was held in the parking lot to demo FPV racing, and there was talk about ESPN broadcasting races. The subsequent press story With ESPN deal, drone racing gets serious confirms that ESPN has signed a multi-year deal to broadcast drone races.

We talk with Mike about the theory that the timing of the FAA UAS registration requirement may have depressed holiday drone sales. We also learn that a panel discussion led to a lively discussion about UAS regulations. There was a consensus belief that a future drone operator’s certificate will require an in-person written test, not an online test.


MMC’s Hydrogen-fueled Drone, the HyDrone 1800, Leads the Way into a New UAV Era

MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology Co., Inc. (MMC) launched their HyDrone 1800, a hydrogen-fueled drone with a claimed flight time in excess of four hours, a one-minute recharge cycle, and a flight radius of up to 100km with a live video stream.

Google Has Patented a Drone Rescue Service

Google’s concept is that users could push a button instead of calling 911 and get the help they need, delivered by a self-flying drone.

Lawmakers seek to ensure FAA bill won’t preempt local drone laws

Senate debates contentious provision against state drone laws

Some members of the US Senate are adding amendments to the FAA reauthorization bill that would create a federal preemption for state or local laws related to the design, manufacture, testing, licensing, registration, certification, operation, or maintenance of UAS. Local governments could not regulate airspace, altitude, flight paths, equipment or technology requirements, and pilot requirements.

Video of the Week

Killerdrone! Flying chainsaw

Crazy Finnish farmers built an epic drone with a remote controlled chainsaw.


Facebook will now let any camera stream to Facebook Live, even a DJI drone: Post to your wall, but from the air

UAV136 First Person View Drone Racing

FPV drone racersWe get a first-hand look at first person view drone racing.


Fred Samson works for a large, international software company, but he’s also a 400hr FAA certificated pilot, formation lead acrobatic pilot, and drone enthusiast. He’s a member of the San Francisco chapter of the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA), he races on the national circuit, and he also helps people get into the sport.

FPV Racing

Fred SampsonFirst Person View racing is an incredible community of people of all types: teenagers, tinkerers, long-time RC folks, and people who are brand new to multirotors. Racers meet in parks, underground parking lots, container yards, abandoned buildings, and whatever they can find. The sport exploded in 2015 and this year we expect to see even more clubs, leagues, and international events (like the World Championship in Hawaii and the World Drone Pre in Dubai.

We talk with Fred about the sport of FPV drone racing, how it has grown, the forms it takes, what draws people to it, and how it’s different from line-of-sight flying. We touch on safety, the racing organizations, track design,   and how racing improves the breed.


Drone Racing League


World Drone Prix race in Dubai

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Video of the Week

4K HD Drone warehouse racing

An impressive, drone’s eye view of racing in and around a warehouse. Watch this and you’ll understand the thrill of FPV drone racing.

UAV099 Multirotor Racing

A multirotor racer, post crashGuest Chris Thomas from MultiGP talks with us about the sport of FPV multirotor racing.


Chris Thomas is the founder of MultiGP, a grassroots racing organization with a mission to make FPV multirotor racing a real sport. With over 30 chapters in the United States, MultiGP provides the rules, equipment, and software for FPV racing.

Jeremiah from Stone Blue Airlines (L) Chris (R)

Jeremiah from FPV supplier Stone Blue Airlines (L) and Chris Thomas (R)

We talk with Chris about what you need to get started, how much you can expect to spend to compete in FPV racing, the rules that ensure event safety, and the formula for scheduling events. MultiGP is focused on helping other people establish racing in their area, so we talk about finding land and forming chapters so people have an outlet and a place to fly.
Chris is an entrepreneur and avid pilot who lives in Florida. He spends most of his days either flying, working on MultiGP, or with his family.  In the past he has traveled the US as a catastrophe insurance adjuster during major storms and has started several successful companies.  For fun, Chris flies powered parachutes, drones, and single engine fixed wing aircraft. An interesting fact is that he once flew a powered parachute to 16,000 feet in Florida! Chris hopes to die doing something exciting so that in the afterlife people will enjoy hearing his story about how he got there.

FPV Racing Resources

Videos of the Week

FPV Drone Racing in Florida – MultiGP April 18

Florida Drone Racing Team Explores Cool Building – MultiGP

FPV Danger Zone 60FPS