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  1. Dave Martin

    Drones uses!
    I believe the paparazzi are going to use drones to obtain photos and videos of celebrities private lives which they can sell for thousands of dollars. This could be from hovering outside a hospital window, getting inside a gated compound or getting up close to a private yacht. There are probably a dozen more uses. Perhaps planting transmitting cameras or listening devices in preparation for a “private event”.

    The possibilities are endless.

  2. Max Flight

    I’m sure the motivation for this sUAV application is very strong. Relative low cost for copters and the prospect of a big payoff are going to tempt those who have no sense of ethics or morals. My fear is the legal/regulatory response will limit the rest of us. I hope not!

  3. Raul Macias

    Hi! we are preparing the very first worldwide drone airport in Mexico.
    Will be:

    Latitud: 20° 5′ 46″ N
    Longitud: 99° 48′ 35.8″ W


    Declinación Magnetica: +5° 17′ ESTE
    Cambiando 0° 7′ W/año
    Declinación POSITIVA
    Inclinación: 47° 54′
    Fuerza del Campo Magnetico: 41069.1 nT

    Hope to see you son here.

    Kind Regards

  4. Tony

    Thanks UAVDigest for all your work! As a military instructor pilot and drone enthusiast (and waiver holder), I really enjoy your podcasts.

  5. Andy Justicia

    Hi David and Max. Great job with the podcast!!!

    I recently received my 333 exemption from the FAA. Now that I have it I’m in the process of bringing my business plan to life.

    I’d like to know if there’s a place in the web where other 333 operators are already sharing experiences, ideas, growing pains encountered, etc.. How’s business in general for them? How successful have the missions that they’ve flown been?

    Maybe this exists in the form of a blog or a portal… I have not been able to find this.

    I look forward to communicating with you…!!!

    Andy Justicia
    Drone Integration Services, Inc.


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